Durand Family - Arabia Mountain

January 26, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I absolutely loved photographing this awesome family at Arabia Mountain!  It's always extra fun when the furry family members are included in the family session too!  We were able to finish their session with the most gorgeous golden light, made even more breathtaking on top of the mountain.


IMG_1472IMG_1472 IMG_1488IMG_1488 IMG_1494IMG_1494 IMG_1506IMG_1506 IMG_1508IMG_1508 IMG_1517IMG_1517 IMG_1540IMG_1540 IMG_1569IMG_1569 IMG_1574IMG_1574 IMG_1576IMG_1576 IMG_1585IMG_1585 IMG_1600IMG_1600 IMG_1598IMG_1598 IMG_1593IMG_1593 IMG_1633IMG_1633 IMG_1635-2IMG_1635-2 IMG_1667IMG_1667 IMG_1695IMG_1695 IMG_1709IMG_1709 IMG_1737IMG_1737 IMG_1720IMG_1720 IMG_1745IMG_1745 IMG_1757IMG_1757 IMG_1784IMG_1784 IMG_1791IMG_1791 IMG_1812IMG_1812 IMG_1817IMG_1817 IMG_1830IMG_1830 IMG_1849IMG_1849 IMG_1883IMG_1883 IMG_1899IMG_1899 IMG_1923-2IMG_1923-2 IMG_1684IMG_1684 IMG_2002IMG_2002


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