About Brooklyn Photography

Brooklyn believes that every wedding is unique and speaks of the love between the couple it is celebrating. No two weddings are exactly the same and neither should be the way it is photographed. Brooklyn finds inspiration in the details that each couple bring to their day; the way the shadows play off the architecture of your venue; the contrast of lace with the wild grass in a field; and, every detail makes for a beautiful collage of your day. Brooklyn enjoys photographing a mixture of candid and posed to create photographs that complement each other but are unique in themselves. Dynamic black and white photographs and color photographs that are true to life are her preferred way of photographing any wedding, couple or family.

Brooklyn Photography has been described by past clients as elegant, timeless with  creative and whimsical touches.

About Brooklyn

When I choose to set the camera down I often find myself with friends at cozy coffee shops, Outdoors paddle boarding or hiking, taking day trips to explore a new area or taking my dog Quinby out for swim break at the lake. I love learning new things, most recently re-upholstery and designing/hand making leather tote bags. There’s something so relaxing about working on something with your hands and listening to music or a good podcast.  When given the chance I will jump in the car for a road trip and stop in parks or tiny out of the way towns along the way (interesting back roads are the best) or hop on a plane to travel to a new country makes my heart skip a beat.

Some bullet points to get to know me better

Jesus Christ is My Savior

My first memory of taking photos goes back to taking photos of my mom with my little barbie camera

Beach > Mountains (however if we can have both at the same time that is perfect!)

I'm Aunt B to 7 amazing kiddos

I laugh at inopportune times

Born in Ohio but Georgia is home

I love photographing doors when I travel in new countries!

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