Foxtrot Bands - Lifestyle Product Photography

July 08, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I had the pleasure of working with Foxtrot Bands recently for some lifestyle product shoots for their website and social media.  The style of the rings were all so cool and different and I really wanted to showcase that by how I photographed the rings.  Check out some of the photos below and definitely visit their website to shop the bands at



CJTU-993BBP-2-2CJTU-993BBP-2-2 CJTU-172BP-3CJTU-172BP-3 CJTU-005-4CJTU-005-4 CJTU-005-2CJTU-005-2 CJTU-045-5-2CJTU-045-5-2 CJTU-045CJTU-045 CJTU-161BP-3CJTU-161BP-3 CJTU-168BP-4CJTU-168BP-4 untitled-6538untitled-6538 R003-2-2R003-2-2 NOSERIAL-4-2NOSERIAL-4-2 CJTU-982GRPCJTU-982GRP CJTU-701BRP-2CJTU-701BRP-2 CJTU-602WD-3CJTU-602WD-3 CJTU-542RGPCJTU-542RGP CJTU-542RGP-2CJTU-542RGP-2 CJTU-345GUPCJTU-345GUP CJTU-345GUP-4CJTU-345GUP-4 CJTU-164BP-3CJTU-164BP-3 CJTU-705BRPCJTU-705BRP CJTU-982GRP-4CJTU-982GRP-4


NOSERIAL-4-3NOSERIAL-4-3 NOSERIAL-2-2NOSERIAL-2-2 untitled-7884untitled-7884


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