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Let's talk bridal party gifts, specifically groomsmen and Father of the bride/groom gifts!  This might not be considered a traditional wedding vendor however the bridal party gifts (Or Father of the bride/groom gift!)  are such a special part of the wedding day!  Which leads me to introduce you to Mike and Emily Harvey the faces behind Grain and Oak, an awesome wooden watch company that allows you to engrave the back of each watch with a special note.   Seriously who wouldn't want one of these cool watches?!


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What drew you to start Grain and Oak?

Emily and I were preparing for our Wedding in 2016 and Emily was still in college when I decided to start our wooden watch business. I had various jobs before, but knew entrepreneurship was always my calling, so a couple months before the big day I decided to quit my job and launch a wooden watch business.  I always loved working with my hands and creating decor for Emily’s dream rustic wedding so I knew that I was a quick learner and I knew how to create custom pieces so launching our engraving business was the logical next step for me! We’ve been learning and growing every day  and proud to offer the highest quality Men's Wood Watches, Leather Money clips, and Wood Apple Watch bands available. Each available with unique individual personalization delicately engraved to make each gifting experience unforgettable for our customers.



What's the most satisfying aspect of your work?


Emily: I thoroughly enjoy the personalization process.  We’ve engraved a lot of watches over the years, and my favorite pieces are handwritten engravings.  The engravings of kids handwriting to their dad almost bring me to tears everytime!  I know that the dad will cherish their gift and to be part of that process of creating that jaw dropping moment drives me to keep showing up and working hard to grow this business.


Mike: I enjoy creating one of a kind pieces for our customers and going the extra mile to ensure they are happy with their purchase. The creative freedom we have to launch new products and create custom designs has been extremely rewarding.


What's your favorite style that you currently offer?


      Emily: My favorite style is our line of zebra wood watches.  I love this wood type because each watch has its own unique wood grain and it’s like each watch has its own personality!


Mike: My favorite style is our leather money clips. I love the one I have and love seeing the natural aging of the leather overtime.


What would you consider your trademark to be?

           Something we use in our personal lives for a gift shopping strategy during any event, celebration, etc is “Give Better Gifts”. This helps remind ourselves to really think about giving a gift to someone that has meaning, could bring joy, happiness, and even add value.  We incorporate this into our business, by offering a product line that is unique and adds sentimental value by offering personalization on all of our pieces.


How many years have you been in the industry?

This Summer will be our 4th year in business!


How did you get your start in the wedding industry?


            We actually started into the wood watch business in 2015 by trying to find the perfect groomsmen gifts for our upcoming wedding. Mike has always had an entrepreneurship mind set and obviously the most logical thing to do was to quit his job and launch a wood watch business! We have grown along with our business and are happy to offer a great gift for our couples looking for a sentimental gift for their wedding party :)

When you're not working, what's your favorite pastime?

We recently just took up pickleball and are super huge fans! It was easy to learn and we enjoy meeting up with friends after work for matches.  Plus, you get a nice workout without even knowing it! Mike is an avid pilot and enjoys flying any chance he gets. I do not enjoy this nearly as much as him :)


What's your favorite place you've traveled to?


            In college, we traveled to the Grand Canyon together. It by far, was our favorite trip and we still reminisce about it to this day. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery around the area as well as the breathtaking views of getting up close to such a massive but magical landmark in Arizona’s red rocks.


What's one thing on your bucket list?

We want to take a long trip out West and visit Yellow Stone.  We loved our trip to Arizona, and would love to be able to go back and explore the states that Yellow Stone crosses over. Of course, Mike is adamant about flying us out there himself, I’m yet to be convinced…


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