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The February vendor spotlight is here!  I worked with Evergreen Beauty several years ago at a wedding and so enjoyed meeting Lyssa and photographing her beautiful work, so showcasing Evergreen was a no brainer!  I'm very glad to introduce two of the talented artists on the Evergreen team!  Lyssa and Amanda!  Check out below their beautiful work and once again a fun question and answer to get to know them better!  

February Vendor - Evergreen Beauty

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What drew you to bridal hair and makeup? 

Lyssa - 

"I think just the fun of makeovers is what got me interested in high school and then I realized it was my creative outlet so it became a hobby. I didn’t really know makeup could be a career."

Amanda -

"I have been interested in makeup since I was a little girl, I used to steal my mom's makeup and put it on once I got to school. Ha!" 


What's the most satisfying aspect of your work?

Lyssa - "Seeing how happy the brides are with their finished look. We get many brides who never wear a lot of makeup so it’s important that we keep that natural look for them while making them feel glamorous."

Amanda - " I love getting to be creative at photoshoots, but there is something extra special about helping someone get ready for their big day." 
evergreenevergreen Do you have a favorite bridal look to work with?

Lyssa - "Yes, I love a vintage red lip with retro waves! It is such classic look but bold at the same time. "

Amanda - "There are so many different looks, it is hard to pick just one. I love the romantic vintage look, but unfortunately that look isn't done very often. My favorite in style look right now is the messy updo with loose draping curls."

evergreenevergreen What would you consider your trademark to be?

Lyssa - "I believe my sense of humor, I am always cutting jokes and making sure everyone feels comfortable and sometimes uncomfortable around me, ha.  I arrive a stranger and leave as a friend."

Amanda - "I like to have fun and joke around with my brides! I want to make sure my bride isn't stressed on her big day."

evergreenevergreen How many years have you been in the industry?

Lyssa - "I’ve been doing hair and makeup as a hobby for over ten years but started Evergreen Beauty three years ago this April. "

Amanda - "I have been doing hair and makeup on the side for about ten years, but I have been working for Evergreen for about two years now."

evergreenevergreen How did you get your start?

Lyssa - "I always had a magazine in hand drooling over the fashion and makeup so I was always wanting to recreate those looks on my friends and sisters. Using makeup and hair styling to express oneself has always intrigued me." 

Amanda - "I started by finding any job possible, photoshoots, small music videos, independent movies. But then I met Lyssa, I have her to thank for my real start."


When you're not working what's your favorite pass time?

Lyssa - "Vacationing with my husband and three kiddos.  We love adventures!"

Amanda - "I love being outside and finding new adventures. Hiking or traveling with friends and family is the best, especially if I can bring my dog with me!"


Favorite place you've traveled to?

Lyssa - "Germany was just lovely!! We stayed at a resort in Garmisch and it was like we stepped into a painting! The Alps were breathtaking."

Amanda - "So for I would have to say Roatan, it's one of Hondura's Caribbean Bay Islands, It was so beautiful there! But mostly because I got to play with monkeys and they are my favorite! So it was the best thing ever!!!"


What's one thing on your bucket list?

Lyssa - "Just one?!  I really want to visit Machu Pichu! Any brides getting married out there that need an artist? Ha"

Amanda - "There are so many things I want to do! But as cliche as it sounds I want to go sky diving for sure! And I want to climb as many mountains as possible! I have a thing for heights if you couldn't tell!"

Ok I will seriously go with you to Machu Pichu and climb mountains!  

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